Unleash the power behind Ideone

Familiar with Ideone, the popular online compiler with hundreds of thousands of users every month?

But did you know that it’s powered by a technology suite that boasts many other core capabilities?

Discover Sphere Engine, the technology behind Ideone

Sphere Engine™ is your full-suite IT education technology solution

Take advantage of a world of capabilities beyond just code execution. Here are five of Sphere Engine’s key features:

  1. Code execution on remote servers thanks to a simple API
  2. Supports 60+ programming languages, equipped with both popular and non-standard libraries, and kept up to date constantly
  3. Works in a complete & secure runtime environment
  4. Comes with an optional module and Content Management System for setting programming challenges and programming contests
  5. Used commercially in: recruitment, training & certification, education, programming contests & hackathons, and more

Imagine the possibilities with this robust, multi-purpose technology at your service.

Take it for a test-drive absolutely free by visiting Sphere Engine. Here you can watch the product demo, read its accompanying documentation and check out what the API can do!