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  1. Brand Name:
  2. iMyPower
  3. Address:
  4. 1003 Building E, Xing Ya Nan Road No. 26, PanYu District
  5. GuangZhou, Guangdong, 510000
  6. Phone:
  7. +86 020-3116 5861
  8. Website:
  10. Keyword:
  11. International Trade and Development,
  12. Description:
  13. iMyPower Energy Co., Ltd is a leading global provider of Portable Power Stations. The company is committed to the development, manufacture and sales of high-quality portable outdoor power station and solar energy system. There are more than 60 R & D engineers, and 30 of them are for Portable Power Stations & Energy Storage Products, about 40 patents of innovation & appearance applied by the company. At present, iMyPower has 8 production lines with an annual output of more than 700,000 sets of innovative energy products. OEM & ODM products and services are also available.
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Brand Name:
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