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  1. Business Name:
  2. Spirit Metals
  4. Keywords:
  5. Steel, Steel Distributer, Steel Supplier, Aluminum, Aluminum Distributer, Aluminum Supplier, Specialty Alloys and Metals, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Distributer, Stainless Steel Supplier
  6. Description:
  7. Spirit Metals is a Faith based company servicing Tampa Bay Florida and surrounding counties. We provide an array of products including, but not limited to structural tubing, I and H-beams, various sized piping, stainless steel products, and specialty alloys and metals. Regardless of your project needs, Spirit Metals can tackle all your metal processing and fabrication. Whether you are looking for galvanized materials or custom plates in Central Florida, we can handle it. As a steel distributor and supplier, we offer a variety of processing services including but not limited to plate burning, T-splitting, saw cutting, CNC machining, blast and prime, and water-jet services.
  8. Mary Anderson
  9. Full Address:
  10. 1317 Crossbow Lane
  11. Tarpon Springs, FL
  12. 34689
  13. Phone:
  14. 833-377-2232
  15. Business Email:
  17. Operating Hours:
  18. Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
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