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  1. Business Name
  2. Quick Creations
  3. Website
  5. Keywords
  6. metallic epoxy floors, concrete stamping, decorative concrete restoration, concrete countertop installation, Concrete floor resurfacing
  7. Description
  8. Quick Creations is a company that specializes in creating amazing concrete work. They are experts when it comes to stamped, stained, sealed, broom-finished, and epoxy-coated concrete! General construction, concrete pouring, restoration, resurfacing, and installation services round out a stunning service menu.
  9. Debi & Dave Quick
  10. Business Address
  11. 139 Geraldson Rd
  12. Newcastle, CA 95658
  13. Business Email
  15. Business Phone
  16. 916-717-0166
  17. Year Found 1996
  18. Number of Employee 5
  19. Operating Hours M-F 7a-6p
  20. Social Media Links
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