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  1. words
Success #stdin #stdout 0s 6784KB
Standard input is empty
disasm disassembler base-addr show-name default-32bit default-16bit 
default-16bit? col w@ (D.) MAXCOUNTED SPCS SPCS-MAX maxstring 
dffield: sffield: ffield: 2field: field: cfield: end-structure 
begin-structure +field init-libcc end-c-library c-library c-library-name 
c-library-incomplete clear-libs c-function c-function-rt c-function-ft 
link-wrapper-function compile-wrapper-function1 compile-wrapper-function 
.lib-error c-source-file-execute notype-execute c-source-file 
init-c-source-file lib-handle c-tmp-library-name c-named-library-name 
c-library-name-create c-library-name-setup open-wrappers prepend-dirname 
libcc-tmp-dir libcc-named-dir gen-filename basename dirname scan-back 
gen-wrapper-function wrapper-function-name gen-wrapped-stmt 
gen-wrapped-types gen-wrapped-func gen-wrapped-r gen-wrapped-d 
gen-wrapped-a gen-wrapped-n gen-wrapped-void gen-wrapped-call gen-par 
gen-par-types gen-par-void gen-par-func gen-par-r gen-par-d gen-par-a 
gen-par-n count-stacks count-stacks-types count-stacks-void 
count-stacks-func count-stacks-r count-stacks-d count-stacks-a 
count-stacks-n type-letter parse-function-types parse-libcc-type 
libcc-types \c save-c-prefix-line print-c-prefix-lines 
print-c-prefix-line c-prefix-lines-end c-prefix-lines c-prefix% 
c-prefix-chars c-prefix-count append-l add-lib c-libs c-lib% 
c-lib-string list-map list-append list-insert list% list-payload 
list-next append s+ front-char front-string const+ .nb replace-rpath 
libcc-path libcc-named-dir-v lib-modulename lib-filename lib-handle-addr 
c-source-file-id cff% cff-ptypes cff-np cff-rtype cff-lha cff-deferred 
cff-cfr mkdir-parents disasm-gdb check-gdb-syntax #comma 
gdb-addr-sep-char append-extend-string end-code ;code (;code) code 
init-asm assembler break" (break") break: (break:) break:, dbg 
(debug) (_debug) D-KEY Unnest Nesting nestXT nestXT-checkSpecial Body 
restore-bp set-bp DT BP breaker breaker-size DebugLoop jump get-next 
disp-step Leave-D NoFine d.s .n scanword restore-see-flags 
save-see-flags dbg-ip see-code see-code-range see-code-next-inline 
simple-see simple-see-range simple-see-word print-backtrace 
print-bt-entry backtrace-return-stack init-backtrace backtrace-rs-buffer 
adjust-buffer init-buffer buffer% buffer-maxlength buffer-address 
buffer-length buffer-descriptor c-extend1 c-lp+!# c-laddr# c-f@local# 
c-flit c-@local# c-branch-lp+!# c-?branch-lp+!# c-loop-lp+!# see 
name-see (.immediate) (xt-see-xt) xt-see seefield seecol seedoes 
see-threaded seedefer seevalue seecon seeuser seevar seecode next-prim 
next-head discode .defname xt-see-xt makepass c-init analyse BranchTo? 
DoTable c-extender C-Table c-(compile) c-does> c-abort" c-exit c-?do 
c-do c-loop c-for c-?branch DebugBranch c-branch RepeatCheck Forward? 
c-string? c-c" .name-without c-lit+ c-lit c-callxt c-call .word back? 
Debug? Display? Scan? DebugMode DisplayMode ScanMode C-Pass NoOutput 
Branch! Type! ,Branch CheckWhile MyBranch CheckEnd MoreBranchAddr? 
BranchAddr? (BranchAddr?) FirstBranch MaxTable BranchTable SearchPointer 
BranchPointer Branches C-Stop LeaveCode Disable WhileCode2 AheadCode 
ElseCode UntilCode AgainCode RepeatCode .struc c-\type (.string) 
.string cemit ctype warp? (nl) nl nlcount uppercase nlflag level- 
level+ Format Level YPos XPos C-Clearline C-Highlight C-Formated 
C-Output .\" s\" \"-parse \-escape \-escape-table parse-num 
parse-num-x char/ ekey? ekey>fkey ekey>char ekey clear-ekey-buffer 
esc-sequence esc-prefix ekey-buffered ekey-buffer esc-sequences unkeys 
unkey char-append-buffer key-buffered key-buffer s-k12 s-k11 s-k10 
s-k9 s-k8 s-k7 s-k6 s-k5 s-k4 s-k3 s-k2 s-k1 k12 k11 k10 k9 k8 
k7 k6 k5 k4 k3 k2 k1 k-f12 k-f11 k-f10 k-f9 k-f8 k-f7 k-f6 k-f5 
k-f4 k-f3 k-f2 k-f1 k-delete k-insert k-next k-prior k-end k-home 
k-down k-up k-right k-left k-alt-mask k-ctrl-mask k-shift-mask keycode 
table tablesearch-map table-find savesystem dump-fi 
update-image-included-files delete-prefix save-mem-dict <compilation 
compilation> (compilation>1) <interpretation interpretation> 
(interpretation>1) fix-does-code create-interpret/compile 
no-interpretation-does-code no-compilation-does-code bye block-included 
--> +thru +load thru load block-input list updated? scr buffer 
block get-buffer flush empty-buffers save-buffers empty-buffer 
save-buffer update block-position get-block-fid use open-blocks 
flush-blocks block-cold offset block-offset block-fid block-limit 
buffers last-block block-buffers buffer-struct next-buffer block-buffer 
buffer-dirty buffer-fid buffer-block ) (end-assert) assert( assert3( 
assert2( assert1( assert0( assertn assert-level ~~ .debugline-stderr 
(.debugline) .debugline printdebugdata .sourcepos compile-sourcepos 
current-sourcepos str>loadfilename# loadfilename#>str vt100-decode tcode 
trans: transcode translate history-cold get-history xchar-history 
xtab-expand insert xkill-expand (xenter) xclear-tib xclear-line 
xend-pos xfirst-pos xeof <xdel> ?xdel (xdel) xforw xback (xins) 
<xins> xretype .all .rest xback-restore xcur-correct at-deltaxy #esc 
kill-prefix tib-full? search-prefix prefix-string prefix-off search-voc 
word-lex capscomp sgn prefix-found extract-word (enter) prev-line 
find-prev-line next-line get-line hist-setpos hist-pos clear-line 
linew-off screenw linew cur-correct back-restore history-file 
force-open end^ backward^ forward^ history bindkey >string ctrl 
ctrl-i utf-8-cold set-encoding-utf-8 u8width -u8trailing-garbage 
u8addrlen u8!+? u8@ u8\string- +u8/string u8emit u8key check-xy u8<< 
u8>> u8!+ u8@+ u8len max-single-byte UTF-8-err O-PNT@ O-DEINIT O-INIT 
TypeXT EmitXT O-EMIT O-TYPE O-PNT O-Buffer page at-xy ESC[ ;pn pn 
WordInfo InfoTable Com# Str# Ali# Use# Col# Def# Doe# Val# Var# 
Con# Pri# prim? xtprim? colon? defered? does? user? con? var? 
alias? >head >name threaded>name look prim>name PrimStart threaded>xt 
search-name xt>threaded base-execute infile-execute outfile-execute l@ 
w@ /l /w typewhite what's action-of f.s f.rdp f>str-rdp f>buf-rdp 
f>buf-rdp-try push-right ]] postponer1 [[ compile-compile-2literal 
compile-2literal compile-compile-literal compile-literal slurp-fid 
slurp-file const-does> (const-does>) compile-fliterals compile-literals 
in-return-stack? ]L sh system $? dmax dmin ?CSP !CSP CSP needs 
locals| TO definer! >definer (local) (exit-like) (until-like) 
(again-like) (begin-like) (then-like) locals-;-hook locals-:-hook 
endscope adjust-locals-list scope { old-dpp new-locals-wl 
new-locals-map new-locals-reveal new-locals-find some-wlocal some-flocal 
some-dlocal some-clocal locals-types lp-offset, lp-offset create-local 
compile-pushlocal-c compile-pushlocal-d compile-pushlocal-f check-begin 
set-locals-size-list list-size sub-list? common-list compile-pushlocal-w 
alignlp-f alignlp-w locals-dp locals-buffer locals adjust-locals-size 
compile-lp+! compile-f@local compile-@local FMOD FTRUNC f~ f~rel f~abs 
1/f f2/ f2* pi fvariable sfnumber fs. fe. f. f$ -zeros zeros 
scratch set-precision precision FLiteral fdepth fconstant f, dfloat+ 
sfloat+ dfalign sfalign .words hash-cold make-hash (hashsearch-map) 
hashdouble (rehash) rehashall clearhash addall inithash hash-reveal 
(reveal lastlink! hash-find bucket NewFix DelFix hash-alloc 
hashsearch-map HashTable HashPop HashIndex HashPointer revealed insRule 
hash Hashlen hashbits reserve-mem marker marker! marker, 
included-files-mark expect span search blank erase convert [compile] 
C" endcase endof of case m*/ d>s .( broken-pipe-error exception 
next-exception errstring linked include-ffi.h-string libffi-present 
ffcall-present libtool-flags libtool-cc libtool-command has? $has? e? 
environment? environment-wordlist environment vocs order .voc .name 
.id id. seal set-order get-order init-vp update-image-order Only Root 
Forth vocsearch (localsvocfind) locals-wordlist (vocfind) previous also 
>order check-maxvp Vocabulary wordlist mappedwordlist slowvoc 
definitions vp! set-current get-current vp maxvp-limit maxvp %alloc 
%allocate %allot %align %size %alignment double% sfloat% dfloat% 
float% char% cell% struct end-struct field create-field field, 
dozerofield nalign naligned endtry-iferror endtry restore iferror 
handler-intro, (endtry) try (try) nothrow first-throw store-backtrace 
dodoes: dofield: dodefer: douser: dovar: docol: dovalue: docon: vlist 
words wordlist-words cols rows ? dump .line .chars .4 /dump .s 
maxdepth-.s [WHILE] [AGAIN] [REPEAT] [UNTIL] [BEGIN] [I] [NEXT] [FOR] 
[IFDEF] [IF] [undefined] defined [defined] ?if [struct]-voc 
[struct]-search scanIF >exec dummy countif ." S" abort" SLiteral 
CLiteral ?EXIT EXIT exit-like NEXT S+LOOP -LOOP +LOOP LOOP loop-like 
FOR U-DO -DO U+DO +DO ?DO ?do-like DO ?LEAVE LEAVE DONE leave> 
>leave clear-leave-stack leave-sp leave-stack leave-stack-size REPEAT 
WHILE UNTIL until-like AGAIN again-like BEGIN begin-like ELSE ENDIF 
THEN cs>addr then-like ?DUP-0=-IF ?DUP-IF IF AHEAD YET BUT <resolve 
>resolve >mark sys? ?struc other-control-flow cs-push-orig cs-push-part 
CS-ROLL CS-PICK cs-item-size cs-item? non-orig? scope? do-dest? dest? 
orig? def? scopestart do-dest dest dead-orig live-orig ASSUME-LIVE 
UNREACHABLE backedge-locals dead-code locals-list .included .strings 
require include required included included1 add-included-file included? 
init-included-files sourceline# sourcefilename image-included-files 
included-files open-fpath-file open-path-file check-path open-ofile 
reworkdir compact-filename skip-..-prefixes preserve-root del-./s 
del-string expandtopic remove~+ extractpath need/ pathsep? tfile ofile 
absolut-path? .fpath .path previous-path next-path path>string fpath= 
path= fpath+ path+ only-path clear-path also-path os-cold make-path 
fpath +place path-allot ( write-line bin r/o r/w w/o os-boot 
(process-args) process-option args-evaluate args-required args-required1 
os-execute-parsing next-arg shift-args script? argc argv pathdirs 
pathstring #! arg cstring>sstring set-encoding-fixed-width c-size c!+? 
string- +string char- xhold x@+/string -trailing-garbage x-width 
x-size xc-size xc@+ xc!+? xc@ x\string- +x/string xchar- xchar+ xkey 
xemit license include-file execute-parsing-file 
execute-parsing-named-file read-loop line-end-hook query clear-tibstack 
evaluate execute-parsing execute-parsing-wrapper create-input 
restore-input save-input pop-file push-file expand-tib new-tib 
file-input read-line evaluate-input terminal-input input-start-line 
input-lexeme! tib+ tib loadfilename #fill-bytes blk loadfile loadline 
old-input max#tib #tib input-lexeme >in (restore-input) (save-input) 
source-id refill source input-var input-method accept edit-line decode 
everyline everychar insert-char ctrlkeys (ret) (bs) (ins) recursive 
rehash reveal check-shadow (reveal) warnings last? ; :noname : 
(:noname) defstart ;-hook :-hook interpret/compile? TO IS [IS] <IS> 
defer! DOES> Defers defer@ Defer defer-default interpret/compile: 
interpret/compile-struct interpret/compile-comp interpret/compile-int 
(Field) 2Constant AValue Value AConstant Constant (Value) (Constant) 
AUser User uallot 2Variable AVariable Variable Create Alias 
compile-only restrict immediate lastflags ctoggle creset cset ," mem, 
S, ] [ compiler1 recurse POSTPONE postpone, [COMP'] COMP' ['] [(')] 
name>comp (compile) dodoes, (does>2) (does>) !does compile-to-prims, 
peephole-compile, basic-block-end compile, cfa, [char] char char@ 
ALiteral 2Literal Literal latest lastxt latestxt noname noname-header 
nextname nextname-header nextname-string input-stream input-stream-header 
header, longstring, string, header (header) const A, cfalign maxalign 
falign align 2, , c, allot bye boot cold 'cold process-args 
bootmessage (bootmessage) quit (DoError) .error-frame .error-line 
part-type mark-end mark-start umin .error-string dobacktrace DOERROR 
-trailing hex. dec.r dec. input-error-data >error error> error-stack 
/error max-errors (quit) prompt .status 'quit extend-mem free-mem-var 
save-mem interpreter1 interpret interpret1 before-word no.extensions 
interpreter-notfound1 compiler-notfound1 name parse-word parse-name 
parser parser1 ' (') find sfind /does-handler does-handler! 
does-code! code-address! flashc! flash! >does-code >code-address body> 
>body >head-noprim head? ??? (name>intn) (name>comp) name?int name>int 
(name>x) ((name>)) name>string (x>int) (cfa>int) compile-only-error 
ticking-compile-only-error flag-sign lcount-mask restrict-mask 
immediate-mask alias-mask find-name search-wordlist (search-wordlist) 
context voclink current lookup forth-wordlist f83search initvoc 
f83find wordlist-struct wordlist-extend wordlist-link wordlist-id 
wordlist-map wordlist-map-struct hash-method rehash-method reveal-method 
find-method \G \ ( number number? snumber? s>number s>number? 
s>unumber? s'>unumber? ?dnegate sign? getbase bases name-too-long? 
name-too-short? (name) parse word sword (word) version-string .error 
>stderr ErrLink u. . ud. d. u.r .r ud.r d.r #s # sign #>> <<# 
#> <# hold pad backspaces spaces space cr bell #lf #ff #cr #del 
#tab #bs #bell #eof (S") (.") key? key emit type (key?) (key) 
(emit) (type) infile-id outfile-id hex decimal "lit clearstacks 
clearstack depth ?stack abort (abort") c(abort") throw catch lp@ 
ud/mod s>d >number accumulate digit? skip scan bounds place roll 
dabs off on here dp in-dictionary? unused usable-dictionary-end 
dictionary-end A! chars cfaligned maxaligned r@ NIL str< 
string-prefix? str= locals-size max-name-length Last LastCFA dpp 
normal-dp state dpl base includefilename current-input "error 
errorhandler backtrace-rp0 handler lp0 fp0 rp0 sp0 save-task 
prev-task next-task udp main-task def#tib pad-minsize holdend holdptr 
holdbuf-end holdbuf word-pno-size chars/block l/s c/l /line bl float 
cell false true forthstart image-header tag-offsets call2 
set-next-code decompile-prim forget-dyncode finish-code compile-prim1 
lib-error l! sl@ ul@ w! sw@ uw@ wcall lib-sym open-lib fpick f>l 
>l lp! lp+2 lp+ lp- lp+!# laddr# f@local1 f@local0 f@local# @local3 
@local2 @local1 @local0 @local# faxpy v* dfaligned sfaligned dfloats 
sfloats fatanh facosh fasinh ftanh fcosh fsinh ftan fsqrt fsincos 
fsin falog flog flnp1 fln fexpm1 fexp fcos fatan2 fatan fasin 
facos fabs >float represent fmin fmax fround floor floats float+ 
ftuck fnip frot fover fswap fdup fdrop fnegate f**2 fm*/ fm/ fm* 
f** f/ f* f- f+ sf! sf@ df! df@ f@ f! f>s f>d d>f s>f f0>= 
f0<= f0> f0< f0<> f0= f>= f<= f> f< f<> f= cputime utime newline 
=mkdir get-dir set-dir filename-match close-dir read-dir open-dir 
file-eof? file-status flush-file emit-file write-file (read-line) 
read-file resize-file file-size reposition-file file-position 
rename-file delete-file create-file open-file close-file call-c 
strsignal strerror resize free allocate ms time&date close-pipe 
open-pipe getenv (system) (bye) flush-icache wcwidth form stderr 
stdout stdin key?-file key-file threading-method faligned aligned 
(parse-white) (hashkey1) (tablelfind) (hashlfind) (listlfind) count 
(chars) char+ cells cell+ 2@ 2! c! c@ +! ! lit@ @ 2tuck 2nip 
2rot 2swap 2over 2dup 2drop pick ?dup tuck nip -rot rot dup swap 
drop over 2rdrop 2r@ 2r> 2>r rdrop r> >r fp! fp@ rp! rp@ sp! 
sp@ up! useraddr within du>= du<= du> du< du<> du= d0>= d0<= d0> 
d0< d0<> d0= d>= d<= d> d< d<> d= u>= u<= u> u< u<> u= >= <= 
> < <> = 0>= 0<= 0> 0< 0<> 0= lshift rshift invert xor or and 
d2/ d2* dnegate d- d+ m+ um/mod um* m* sm/rem fm/mod 2/ 2* */ 
*/mod /mod mod / * abs min max 1- 1+ negate - under+ lit+ + 
lit /string capscompare toupper compare fill cmove> cmove move k j 
i' i (u-do) (-do) (u+do) (+do) (?do) (do) (for) (s+loop)-lp+!# 
(s+loop) (-loop)-lp+!# (-loop) (+loop)-lp+!# (+loop) (loop)-lp+!# 
(loop) (next)-lp+!# (next) ?dup-0=-?branch ?dup-?branch ?branch-lp+!# 
?branch branch branch-lp+!# does-exec lit-perform unloop ;s perform 
execute call noop