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  1. ;DOS, TASM, COM-файл
  2. ;tasm.exe /m filename.asm
  3. ;tlink.exe /t /x filename.obj
  4. ;
  5. section .data ;.data starts here
  6. msg db 10d,"Hello World" ;String gets initialized
  7. l equ $-msg ;Length Of String
  8. section .text ;.text starts here
  9. global _start ;Moving to _start
  10. _start: ;_start label
  11. mov eax,4 ;Sys_Write Function
  12. mov ebx,1 ;Std_Out File Descriptor
  13. mov ecx,msg ;Offset of msg
  14. mov edx,l ;Length Of msg
  15. int 80h ;Call the Kernel
  17. mov eax,1 ;Sys_Exit Function
  18. mov ebx,0 ;Sucessful Termination
  19. int 80h ;Call The Kernel
  20. end:
Success #stdin #stdout 0s 5368KB
Standard input is empty
Hello World