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  1. from itertools import product
  3. for x, y, z in product((False, True), repeat=3):
  4. f_xyz = not (x and y or x and z or y and z)
  5. g_xyz = not (f_xyz and (x or y or z) or x and y and z)
  6. not_x = f_xyz and (y or z) or (f_xyz or y and z) and g_xyz
  7. not_y = f_xyz and (x or z) or (f_xyz or x and z) and g_xyz
  8. not_z = f_xyz and (x or y) or (f_xyz or x and y) and g_xyz
  9. assert (not x == not_x) and (not y == not_y) and (not z == not_z)
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