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  1. #include<sstream>
  2. #include<iostream>
  4. int main() {
  5. auto f = [](int i){std::stringstream b("It would be extremely painful... for you!"),c("If I pull that off will you die? You're a big guy.");std::string s,w;int n=0,t=i,p;while(t/=2)n++;for(;n>=0;p=t)((t=i>>n&1)?c:b)>>w,s+=p^t?t?"CIA: ":"BANE: ":" ",s+=t^(i>>--n)&1?w+"\n":w;return s;};
  6. for (int x : {522300, 494542, 326711})
  7. std::cout << f(x) << std::endl << std::endl;
  8. }
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Standard input is empty
CIA: If I pull that off will you die?
BANE: It would be extremely painful...
CIA: You're a big guy.
BANE: for you!

CIA: If I pull that
BANE: It would be
CIA: off
BANE: extremely
CIA: will you die? You're
BANE: painful... for
CIA: a big guy.
BANE: you!

BANE: It would
CIA: I pull that off will you
BANE: be extremely painful... for
CIA: die? You're
BANE: you!
CIA: a big guy.