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  1. #include <iostream>
  2. #include <string>
  3. #include <vector>
  4. #include <algorithm>
  5. using namespace std;
  7. bool less_than(string x, string y) {
  8. sort(x.begin(), x.end());
  9. sort(y.begin(), y.end());
  10. return x < y;
  11. }
  13. bool is_anagram(string x, string y) {
  14. if (x != y) {
  15. sort(x.begin(), x.end());
  16. sort(y.begin(), y.end());
  17. return x == y;
  18. }
  19. return false;
  20. }
  22. int main() {
  23. vector<string> voc; // словарь (можно использовать массив с запасом)
  24. string word; // очередное слово
  25. while (cin >> word) voc.push_back(word); // читаем и запоминаем слово
  26. sort(voc.begin(), voc.end(), less_than); // по использованию букв
  27. bool found = false;
  28. cout << "Anagrams list:";
  29. for (auto i = voc.begin(); i != voc.end() - 1; i++) {
  30. if (is_anagram(*i, *(i + 1))) {
  31. if (!found) cout << endl << *i << " ";
  32. cout << *(i + 1) << " ";
  33. found = true;
  34. } else found = false;
  35. }
  36. }
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Anagrams list:
board broad 
break brake 
bear bare 
race care 
crate react trace 
charm march 
cat act 
add dad 
leader dealer 
danger garden 
deal lead 
read dear dare 
asleep please 
angle angel 
glare large 
anger range 
gear rage 
earth heart 
heat hate 
marine remain 
snake sneak 
weak wake 
male meal 
lane lean 
panel plane 
pale leap 
seal sale 
least steal 
mean name 
master stream 
team meat 
near earn 
are ear 
tear rate 
east seat 
taste state 
sweat waste 
tea eat 
lamp palm 
lap pal 
am ma 
ram arm 
trap part 
tap pat 
art rat 
below elbow 
bore robe 
blow bowl 
direct credit 
expect except 
rescue secure 
course source 
chin inch 
god dog 
feel flee 
whoever however 
three there 
sheet these 
keep peek 
never nerve 
flesh shelf 
life file 
horse shore 
listen silent 
live evil 
time item 
quiet quite 
resist sister 
tone note 
route outer 
super purse 
sue use 
wolf flow 
form from 
night thing 
ought tough 
grin ring 
sign sing 
gut tug 
thin hint 
this shit 
worth throw 
shout south 
how who 
sink skin 
pit tip 
its sit 
own now 
stop post spot 
pot top