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  1. #include <iostream>
  2. using namespace std;
  3. int main() {
  4. char c=("0"+3);
  5. cout<<c;
  6. return 0;
  7. }
Compilation error #stdin compilation error #stdout 0s 0KB
Standard input is empty
compilation info
prog.cpp:4:12: warning: adding 'int' to a string does not append to the string [-Wstring-plus-int]
char c=("0"+3);
prog.cpp:4:12: note: use array indexing to silence this warning
char c=("0"+3);
        &  [ ]
prog.cpp:4:6: error: cannot initialize a variable of type 'char' with an rvalue of type 'const char *'
char c=("0"+3);
     ^ ~~~~~~~
1 warning and 1 error generated.
Standard output is empty