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(def v8 [[8 6 7 3 2 5 1 4]
        [6 8 3 7]
        [7 3 8 6]
        [3 7 6 8 1 4 5 2]
              [1 8 5 2 4]
              [8 1 2 4 5]])
(defn mapv
  "Returns a vector consisting of the result of applying f to the
  set of first items of each coll, followed by applying f to the set
  of second items in each coll, until any one of the colls is
  exhausted.  Any remaining items in other colls are ignored. Function
  f should accept number-of-colls arguments."
  {:added "1.4"
   :static true}
  ([f coll]
     (-> (reduce (fn [v o] (conj! v (f o))) (transient []) coll)
  ([f c1 c2]
     (into [] (map f c1 c2)))
  ([f c1 c2 c3]
     (into [] (map f c1 c2 c3)))
  ([f c1 c2 c3 & colls]
     (into [] (apply map f c1 c2 c3 colls))))
(def lsq (fn [x](letfn [
(max-row-len [x]
  (reduce max (map count x)))
(min-row-len [x]
  (reduce min (map count x)))
(fill-x  [x]
  (loop [y []
         row 0]
    (cond (= row (count x)) y
          :else (recur
                 (cond (< (count (nth x row)) (max-row-len x))
                       (conj y
                              (concat (nth x row)
                                      (take (- (max-row-len x)
                                               (count (nth x row))) (repeat :nil)))))
                       :else (conj y (nth x row)))
                 (inc row)))))
(vec-contains-:nil? [v]
  (cond (= () (filter #(= :nil %) v)) false :else true))
(contains-:nil?  [x]
  (cond (= (some #{:nil} (flatten x)) :nil) true :else false))
(only-:nil? [x]
  (= (count (filter (fn [y] (= :nil y)) (flatten x))) (count (flatten x))))
(any-:nil? [x]
  (= (count (filter (fn [y] (= :nil y)) (flatten x))) 0))
(shift-row  [row]
   (cond (or (only-:nil? row) (not= (last row) :nil)) nil
        :else (vec (concat [:nil] (butlast row)))))
(append-variants  [x v]
   (cond (or (any-:nil? v) (only-:nil? v)) (conj [] (vec (conj x v)))
        :else (loop [y []
                     w v]
                (cond (nil? w) y
                      :else (recur (conj y (vec (conj x w))) (shift-row w))))))
(build-search-base  [x]
   (cond (any-:nil? x) (vector x)
        :else (loop [y (append-variants nil (nth x 0))
                     row-x 1]
                (cond (= row-x (count x)) y
                      :else (recur
                             (loop [iter-y 0
                                    new-y []]
                               (cond (= iter-y (count y)) new-y
                               :else (recur
                                      (inc iter-y)
                                      (into new-y
                                            (append-variants (nth y iter-y)
                                                             (nth x row-x))))))
                             (inc row-x))))))
(part-rows  [x dim]
   (mapv #( vec (partition dim 1 (take dim (repeat :nil)) %)) x))
(build-grid-base [x FIX]
   (loop [y [(part-rows x 2)]
         dim 3]
    (cond (> dim (min (count x) FIX)) y
          :else (recur (into y [(part-rows x dim)]) (inc dim)))))
(square-at  [parted-x dim i j]
   (loop [y []
         di 0]
    (cond (= di dim) y
          :else (let [curr-row (nth (nth parted-x (+ i di)) j)]
                  (cond (vec-contains-:nil? curr-row) nil
                        :else (recur (conj y curr-row) (inc di)))))))
(transpose  [m]
  (loop [y (map vector (nth m 0))
         i 1]
    (cond (= i (count m)) y
          :else (recur (mapv concat y (map vector (nth m i))) (inc i)))))
(max-row-member  [x]
  (reduce max (map #(count (set %)) x)))
(min-row-member  [x]
  (reduce min (map #(count (set %)) x)))
(latin-square?  [s]
  (cond (nil? s) false
        :else (let [dim (count s)]
                (cond (not= dim (min-row-member s)) false
                      (not= dim (max-row-member s)) false
                      (not= dim (count (set (flatten s)))) false
                      (not= dim (count (set s))) false
                      (not= dim (min-row-len s)) false
                      (not= dim (max-row-len s)) false
                      (not= dim (count (set (transpose s)))) false
                      (not= dim (min-row-member (transpose s))) false
                      (not= dim (max-row-member (transpose s))) false
                      :else true))))
(count-a-grid-item  [x]
   (let [dim-sq (count (nth (nth x 0) 0))
        dim-x-x (inc (- (count x) dim-sq))
        dim-x-y (count (nth x 0))]
    (loop [sq (square-at x dim-sq 0 0)
           result (cond (latin-square? sq) (conj #{} sq)
                        :else #{})
           i 0
           j 1]
      (cond (= i dim-x-x) result
            :else (recur (cond (and (< i dim-x-x) (< j dim-x-y))
                               (square-at x dim-sq i j)
                               :else sq)
                         (cond (and (< i dim-x-x) (< j dim-x-y))
                               (cond (latin-square? sq) (conj result sq)
                                     :else result)
                               :else result)
                         (cond (= j dim-x-y) (inc i)
                               :else i)
                         (cond (= j dim-x-y) 0
                               :else (inc j)))))))
(solve  [x]
  (let [search-base (build-search-base (fill-x x))
        dim-base (count search-base)
        result (atom [])
        FIX (min-row-len x)]
    (doseq [i (range dim-base)]
      (let [grid-base (build-grid-base (nth search-base i) FIX)]
        (doseq [j (range (count grid-base))]
          (swap!  result into (count-a-grid-item (nth grid-base j))))))
    (set @result)))
(summary  [lsq]
  (reduce conj {} (for [[x xs]
                        (group-by identity
                                  (sort < (for [r lsq]
                                    (count r))))]
                    [x (count xs)])))]
(summary (solve x)))))
(lsq v8)
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